I’m so passionate about teaching Yoga and providing Thai Bodywork as they also both compliment each other in terms of physical and mental health.  Through various trainings and self discovery I’m so inspired by numerous forms of movement that I now add elements of tai chi, calisthenics, animal flow and plyometrics to my yoga classes.  I see so many unhealthy after affects from sitting at a desk from poor posture  and my students telling me about their back, shoulder and hip pain.  Our human body is very complex, we don’t need to just practice yoga, we need to have a movement practice that caters to various ranges of motion, body weight, agility, strength, breath and consciousness.  If you have weight bearing practice, excellent add yoga for flexibility and mobility.  If you have a yoga practice, awesome now add weight bearing to increase your strength.  Movement with clean nutrition are the foundational building blocks of vibrant lifestyle.  My goal is to share all of my skills, knowledge, tips and ideas with you so that YOU can encompass feeling awesome in your body, mind, spirit and life!

Join me on this journey where we can learn and grow together in our movement and wellness practice.